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We took plenty of time and sampled many topical formulas until we found our line of CUBED Naturals topical products. It is important that CUBED Naturals will only put its name on products that are also produced utilizing the same standards that we insist upon for our tinctures. Our topical offerings are compounded with only the best, quality sourced, all-natural ingredients.

Every ingredient that is mixed in the CUBED Topical line has a reason for being there. Every formula is designed to enhance the healing properties of CBD. The proof is in the use. Testimonials are our best source of spreading the word on how well our topicals meet our clients expectations.

CUBED Naturals is continually working to create additional products that are incorporating new and exciting ingredients that are showing, like CBD, to improve the quality of life for many.

CUBED CBD Pain Topical

CBD is nature’s gift and when 375 milligrams are added to our CUBED pain topical, it creates a formula that should go straight to the root of your pain and discomfort. Now available in a pump cream, spray on liquid and a roll-on, we have painstakingly searched and brought together the best of an array of all natural oils that each  brings an abundance of health, beauty and wellness properties. To this formula we also added additional compounds designed to amplify and increase the bioavailability of the CBD making it easier for your body to assimilate. The entourage effect of this powerful mixture should prove to be the “go to topical” when the aches and pains of everyday life shout for relief.

CUBED CBD Pet Topical

CBD is not just for humans, but for PETs too. Our SKIN & WOUND Pet Topical contains an all natural base of healing compounds combined with the amazing properties of hemp based CBD that is non-toxic and non-hallucinogenic. Whether a skin allergy or a chronic skin disease, CBD is showing great promise promoting healthy skin growth. Plus, used as a massage topical, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD might help with your pet’s muscle and joint pain. So being used on skin distress, muscle and joint pain or to promote the healing of lacerated skin due to an accident or surgery, CBD based topical may be your pet’s best ally to recovery. Consider using CBD based pet tinctures for your pet’s other medical problems.

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