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Do You Know Where Your CBD Is Coming From? WE DO!

One of the most important pieces of information that you should consider when looking for a source for your CBD purchase is not the cost or size of the bottle, but where your product is coming from. At this time CBD is not a regulated compound. There are new suppliers of CBD products springing up daily all around the world. When there is no regulation, sub par and even dangerous products can be manufactured and made available to purchase. Standards for growth and testing are unfortunately non-existent in most of the world. In the United States, many states like New York, are working hard to create laws and regulations to govern the growth, production, and distribution of this important healing compound. As a manufacturer of CBD products we are proud to embrace these efforts.

To start, we feel it is important to understand where our base compounds come from that makeup our diverse line of CBD products. Below are the farms and estates we have reached out to, to bring you the freshest, safest, most unique compounds and oils. Based on our uncompromising set of standards, we will continue to source and post the names of our valued partners all looking to produce a finest CBD products available.


Located in Salem, New York, Homestead Hemp is a re-purposed dairy that has belonged to the same family for over 200 years. The Old Homestead was founded by Clark Rogers on December 10th, 1787. We have looked to expertise of Iris Rogers and her continued support to the land, to provide the plants that will ultimately be processed into CBD isolate for the majority of our product.  She is also providing the CBD full spectrum distillate for our all New York sourced tinctures.

Societa`Agricola “Ginepreta Cimicchi”

Nestled in the hills just north of Orvieto, Italy, is the estate of the Cimicchi family. On 200 hectares of the best volcanic soil in the region, they produce one of the finest extra virgin olive oils in Italy. The fresh oil is cold-extracted from the most desirable italian olive varietals: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Rajo, and Leccino then perfectly blended for taste. We import this exquisite olive oil throughout the year to form the base for most of our Gold Series Tinctures. Its old world flavor softens the taste of the natural hemp.

Hudson Valley Cold Press Oils

One of the finest growing regions in New York State is in the Hudson Valley. Located in the Hamlet of Pleasant Valley, the Haight family has taken one of the oldest farms in the area and re-purposed its fertile earth to produce the freshest Sunflower Seed Oil in New York. In seeking out a base for our new all New York State sourced, full spectrum CBD tincture, we turned to Hudson Valley Cold Pressed Oils. There are few sights prettier than fields of sunflowers glowing in the sun and few things tastier.
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