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In our goal to make as much information available to you as possible so that the sale and use of CBD products will be fully understood by both our clients and the staff that may be suggesting its use.

As there are still a few hurdles to jump due to many misconceptions, our hope is that our Knowledge Center will be an immense help in spreading the promise of CBD and its many healing powers.

We encourage you to share information as you obtain it and also ask that you share any great and powerful testimonials you might obtain. Most of our sales are based on testimonials and referrals. The more great testimonials available to all of us the more understanding our clients will be and the more product we can put into their hands.

Conditions List

Our goal is to create individual white papers for each of the health conditions below. Each will touch on the concern, discuss how CBD might help and look at possible dosing thoughts. If you find or hear of any additional health problems that should be added, please let us know.

Marketing Tools

Here we offer various white papers designed to put some insight into what information you may want to consider when considering a CBD product. Being a very misunderstood product, and as the media tends to send conflicting information, we felt it best to create these guides as a way of helping you understand CBD use.

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Client Series
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