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CBD for a Stroke

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, when suffering a stroke you lose 1.9 million brain cells per minute.

Whenever there is an instantaneous interruption of oxygen carrying blood to the brain a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or stroke can occur. Brain cells begin dying off within six minutes after being deprived of oxygen, which in most cases, will result in some form of brain damage. Fortunately the survival rate from a stroke has increased to approximately 80 percent. But survival might not mean a return to a normal daily life. One can be plagued with emotional, physiological, cognitive and behavioral issues. Plus most will experience some degree, from mild to severe, of a physical disability. Strokes are often caused by small blood clots that may develop anywhere in the body. There is nothing preventing any of us from developing a blood clot. As the blood flows through the system it may clog a vital neuronic artery that in turn restricts blood flow to the brain, inducing a stroke.

How CBD Works in Relationships to a Stroke

Recent research conducted in Japan at Fokuoka University may have found a breakthrough in stroke treatments. Like the current stroke therapies, the use of CBD needs to be started 3 hours from the stroke’s occurrence. Like tissue plasminogen, CBD helps increase blood flow and disintegrates the clot which may aid in a faster stroke recovery.
The Mayo Clinic’s Department of Neurology has suggested that CBD may also be a candidate for stroke prevention by exerting favorable augmentation of the ECS system. The “ECS” or Endocannabinoid System is the messenger system in the body. The system regulates many functions. CBD is known as a powerful neuroprotectant by reducing toxicity or cell metabolism disturbances and may prevent oxidative stress.
With research just beginning, there are promising results related to stroke prevention. With people already using CBD who stand as living proof, through their testimonials, that CBD is not only capable of helping in stroke treatment, but might help in preventing further occurances.

Dosing Thoughts

Research studies have used doses from 15mg to as high as 600mg. Typical CBD supplements provide 20mg to 25mg. When taking CBD for inflammation, dosing can vary widely depending on the severity of the symptoms you are experiencing. One goal to consider is to use CBD to supplement or possibly replace pharmaceuticals you might be taking. CBD is an all-natural alternative that does not build up in your system and cannot be overdosed.

May we suggest trying one of our CUBED Hemp based CBD Tinctures. Available in 1200mg or 3600mg concentrations, mixed with our exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy or NYS-sourced sunflower seed oil. Our Graduated Sprayer makes it simple to dose properly.

It is important to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any supplement program. Many prescribed medications cannot and should not be stopped all at once.

It has been suggested to start with a dose of 10mg to 15mg of CBD twice a day. After a few days, you may want to reduce prescribed (or over-the-counter) medications incrementally while increasing your CBD dosage the following day. Steps of 10mg are suggested to help monitor changes. Monitor your symptoms; be aware of how you feel. Don’t hurry the process. Wait 2 to 3 days between changes. This will allow you to determine the dosing that your body requires to meet your goals, while documenting how your medications interact.

Medical Disclaimer: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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