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CBD and Pain

Pain is a symptom present in the lives of so many people

Pain can arise from initial injuries, medical procedures, fatigue, even stress. Whether it is acute pain or chronic, the end is the same . . . it hurts.

Acute pain is ordinarily a cautionary pain or an alert to possible injury; most often temporary if is heeded and managed. Chronic pain is very different; it persists for months or longer, possibly creating a permanent affliction.
In the pharmaceutical world there are many drugs for pain management. Unfortunately the human body can get used to certain doses and may require increased dosages to obtain the desired relief. Most pharmaceutical drugs also come with a wide array of health risks, unpleasant side-effects and even abuse.
The cause of chronic pain is still not fully known. It is thought that the brain chemicals that usually stop pain may not be working correctly while recovering from illness or injury. It may also occur without any known cause.


How CBD Works To Relieve Pain and Chronic Pain.

Our bodies actually have special receptors that react to the presence of cannabinoids. The body also produces its own cannabinoid compounds that it uses to reduce pain and maintain general well-being. The “ECS” or Endocannabinoid System is the messenger system in the body. The system regulates many functions and it is implicit in the settlement of pain. These special receptors are present in the pain circuits of the sensory nerve to the brain.
So, even though research is just beginning, there are promising results related to pain relief using CBD. A lot of people already using CBD for pain stand as living proof, through their testimonials, that CBD is more than capable of offering a pain-free experience.

When painkillers and sleep aids fail to provide pain relief, CBD can be used as a therapeutic aid to tackle a number of pain symptoms.
Chronic inflammation can damage tissues and be the cause of pain. Working as an anti-inflammatory, CBD may provide a short term cure and possibly a long term solution. Furthermore, unlike most pharmaceuticals used for pain, CBD does NOT affect the kidneys, stomach and liver of its user.
Some pains are caused by stiffness of the muscles. The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD for relieving pain can enhance muscle relaxation. Even when used as a pre-muscle relaxant, CBD will not cause issues while exercising or playing sports. Many MMA fighters and other pro-athletes now take CBD as a legal measure to fight pain during play and to improve post-play recovery.
When pain threatens the body’s nerves, the imbalance often seriously impacts sleep cycles. Your body is fighting pain throughout the day and night keeping you from a sound sleep. This can often lead to anxiety problems. CBD is a neuroprotective cannabinoid that enables the user to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer by reducing pain and anxiety. Long standing chronic pain can often lead to depression.
The biggest point to understand when looking to CBD for pain is that, contrary to what some people may believe, CBD does NOT make you “high”. This effect is triggered by the chemical THC that is found in cannabis. Hemp naturally has miniscule to zero amounts of THC in its makeup. Hemp-based products are legal in most parts of the world, have no psychoactive effects and have a huge spectrum of possible medical applications.


Dosing Thoughts

Research studies have used doses from 15mg to as high as 600mg. Typical CBD supplements provide 20mg to 25mg. When taking CBD for inflammation, dosing can vary widely depending on the severity of the symptoms you are experiencing. One goal to consider is to use CBD to supplement or possibly replace pharmaceuticals you might be taking. CBD is an all-natural alternative that does not build up in your system and cannot be overdosed.

May we suggest trying one of our CUBED Hemp based CBD Tinctures. Available in 1200mg or 3600mg concentrations, mixed with our exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy or NYS-sourced sunflower seed oil. Our Graduated Sprayer makes it simple to dose properly.

It is important to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any supplement program. Most prescribed medications cannot and should not be stopped all at once.

It has been suggested to start with a dose of 10mg to 15mg of CBD twice a day. After a few days, you may want to reduce prescribed meds while increasing your CBD dosage the following day. Steps of 10mg are suggested to help monitor changes. As you lower one and raise the other, monitor your pain level; be aware of how you feel. Don’t hurry the process. Wait 2 to 3 days between changes. This will allow you to determine the dosing that your body requires to meet your goals.

Medical Disclaimer: The content of this post is for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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