Hemp-Based CBD Products

Now becoming a mainstream supplement, old remedies and new research are bringing CBD into a whole new light

CUBED Naturals, along with their strategic partners, have created a unique group of products that have been designed to take advantage of all the health benefits that are now being associated with the resurgence of hemp.

With over 85 unique compounds, even though research is just beginning; there have been promising results related to the use of CBD. Plus many people already using CBD, stand as living proof through their many testimonials that CBD is more than capable of offering an all natural answer to those looking for relief and recovery.

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CUBED Natural Products

In realizing the powerful potential of CBD and its healing properties, CUBED Naturals wanted to bring an all-natural, cost-effective product to the market. Looking at the way CBD is presently sold, we saw how confusing and expensive the process of utilizing this powerful supplement has been. We’re here to change that.

First we sourced the finest ingredients available, even going as far as to import our own, exclusive extra virgin olive oil from Orvieto, Italy. We then sought out CBD Isolate processors that only employ the cleanest and safest processing methods. All Isolates must pass stringent, third-party testing to ensure we start with the purest CBD on the market.

Next, our designers created our own step program for proper dosing. With an average dose of around 20mg to 25mg, we have seen that many other brands can require up to two full droppers of tincture to achieve your required dose. This will make it a bit harder at times to hold the dose under your tongue as required. We then standardized our bottle size to 60ml (2oz) and only use two higher concentrates for our tinctures. By using our custom calibrated spray head, dosing can be obtained from 5mg to 60mg, as needed, while taking a smaller dose volume.

We took plenty of time and sampled many topical formulas until we settled on what is turning out to some of the best topical products in the industry. It is important that CUBED Naturals will only put its name on products that are also produced utilizing the same standards that we insist upon for our tinctures. We are insistent that their ingredients are all-natural and not lacking the needed amounts of CBD to prove helpful.

Every ingredient that is mixed in the CUBED Topical line has a reason for being there. Every formula is designed to enhance the healing properties of CBD. The proof is in the use. Testimonials are our best source of spreading the word on how well our topicals meet our clients expectations.

CUBED Naturals is always working to create additional products that are incorporating new and exciting, all-natural ingredients that are showing, like CBD, to improve the quality of life for many.

With CBD providing relief to pet owners worldwide and since pets are an important part of our lives, it is only right that we look to the healing powers of CBD to possibly help our little friends in need. Fact is, it has been seen that pets seem to benefit just as well, if not better than humans. So far most testing of CBD  has been conducted on animals showing the positive results we are looking for today in humans. Veterinarians have found CBD products to be beneficial in the therapeutic aid of acute ailments such as torn ligaments, strains and sprains, as well as bone breaks. Because it is an anti-inflammatory, CBD could help in the reduction of pain, stiffness, and swelling. What pets cannot tolerate are products that contain THC.

 CUBED Pet products do not contain any THC.  As with all of our tincture and topical products, we source the finest and safest ingredients available. Each product is formulated to administer the best possible amount of CBD, easily and with knowledge of dosage to help monitor results. Look to the CUBED Pets line for complete and safe products to help your pet’s quality of life.

How Can CBD Help You?

“I was in a car accident in the beginning of this year and was taking a lot of prescription medications daily just to get through a day. When I thought I could stop taking the medication, I quit and got really sick as my body went through withdrawal symptoms, I have never been so sick in my entire life, a very good friend of mine offered me CuBeD hemp based CBD oil and it helped with the nausea and stomach pains. Without it I’m not sure I would have been able to stop taking the medication because of the illness that followed. I’m grateful for the CuBeD hemp based CBD oil and my friend that gave it to me.”

Tracy, Binghamton, NY

“I had really bad seasonal allergies this year. One day I was sneezing repeatedly and my nose was running profusely!  I took a dose of the CuBeD Hemp Based CBD tincture and in 10 minutes, my sneezing and runny nose stopped. The effects lasted for many hours before I needed to take more. So, taking it twice a day made a huge difference for me and I was able to get more work done. I absolutely love it! It really works! ”

K.T.S., Johnson City, NY